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Horticultural Plant Services {HPS} is the merchandising and maintenance branch of Kurt Weiss Greenhouses, one of the United States’ largest bedding and holiday plant growers. We provide our customers with the most positive garden center shopping experience possible. We serve two types of customers- the retail stores in which the garden centers operate, and the customers that shop there. Since 80% of plant sales are impulsive, we believe that it is important to maintain a great looking, well organized, appealing shopping area with our plants displayed to their best advantage. By doing this, we will draw the store's customers in and entice them to take a closer look at what the garden center has to offer.  As a result, we hope they will load up their carts with our products even though plants were the furthest thing from their minds when they entered the store! This is how we can maximize both the stores and our sales potential, and build a solid, loyal, returning customer base.


our story

Kurt Weiss Greenhouses has been owned and operated by four generations of the Weiss family since 1960 but we can trace our roots back over 100 years. With multiple locations on the East Coast, our firm is one of the United States' largest growing operations. We were named the third LARGEST grower in the U.S. in 2020 by Greenhouse Grower Magazine. Our diversity of greenhouse locations and partnerships with affiliate companies create unique opportunities to service multiple channels of the floriculture and horticulture industry. 

our people

Our largest value and resource as a company is our people. We look for and encompass passion, diversity, and innovation which is demonstrated in our present workforce. With over 1200 employees, we have graduates from some of the United States' leading universities and from all over the world. We are constantly working to create community and culture within the workplace and we take pride in the fact that many of our employees have been with us for many years and we are not only coworkers but family.

our product

Before a seed is even planted, our mission is to provide quality plants and flowers to our customers. Each variety of plants that we grow have a unique set of requirements. With our dedicated grower team, we choose the best plant genetics and provide the conditions needed to bring each plant to its full potential. From the greenhouse, our plants begin their journey to their final homes. Our shipping and logistics team makes sure that the plants are delivered on time and ready for sale. Our merchandising and sales teams visit the stores to ensure that all of the plants are neatly organized, watered, and cared for.  Whether the customer is a landscaper, a gardener, or just someone who likes to decorate using plants, we want them to be successful and happy with our products.

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